About the Committee

The Ethics Committee was originally known as the Ethical Standards of Practice Committee (ESOP) and developed the first guidelines for ethics specific to the practice of epidemiology which were published in 2000. Since then, the committee has continued to provide consultation to the ACE Board of Directors as well as general membership regarding ethical challenges that arise in the practice of epidemiology, revise and develop new ethical guidelines, sponsor discussions at annual meetings focusing on the ethical issues raised in academic and industry collaborations and in genetic research, particularly in minority populations.

Committee Members

  • Jennifer Fergenbaum, Chair (2016)
  • Edward S. Peters, Vice-Chair (2016)*
  • Thomas Weiser (2014)*
  • Way Way Hlaing (2015)*
  • Douglas L. Weed (2017)
  • Shalini Selvarahah (2016)
  • Catherine Striley (2016)
  • Patricia L. Meinhardt (2015)
  • Jane A. Cauley, BOD Liaison (2014)

Goals and New initiatives

1. Contribute to the ACE Annual Meetings by sponsoring workshops, roundtables, and/or plenary sessions

At the 2013 ACE Meeting, the Ethics Committee will sponsor the following events:

At the 2012 ACE Annual Meeting, the Ethics Committee sponsored a pre-conference workshop in collaboration with the Associate Members, hosted a luncheon roundtable to discuss and revise the ACE Ethics Guidelines and conflicts of interest, and sponsored a plenary session entitled "Ethics and Epidemiology Decision-Making For Population Benefits." Through their collaboration with the Associate Members Committee, the Ethics Committee sponsored several partial travel scholarships to encourage attendance at the 2012 ACE Annual Meeting. 

2. Provide resources for education, including web-based resources for ACE members
3. Contribute to College policy statements and processes
4. Provide consultation service to the College and other entities
5. Collaborate with kindred organizations in other countries

Ethics Committee Materials


Ethics Committee Syllabus Collection Project

The following articles appeared in the Annals of Epidemiology:

The following articles appeared in a Special Issue of Science and Engineering Ethics entitled 'The Role of Scientific Societies in Promoting Research Integrity', Volume 9, no. 2, 2003. Further information about the quarterly peer reviewed journal, Science and Engineering Ethics, can be found at

  • Soskolne CL, Sieswerda LE. Implementing ethics in the professions: Examples from environmental epidemiology. Sci Engineer Ethics 2003; 9: 181-190.  (PDF version)
  • McKeown RE, Weed DL, Kahn JP, Stoto MA. American College of Epidemiology Ethics Guidelines: Foundations and dissemination. Sci Engineer Ethics 2003; 9: 207-214. (PDF version)

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