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The American College of Epidemiology is an organization of epidemiologists that serves the interests of the profession and its members through advocating for issues pertinent to epidemiology, a credential-based admission and promotion process, sponsorship of scientific meetings, publications and educational activities, and recognizing outstanding contributions to the field. 

ACE Member Highlight: Steven J. Jacobsen

The Board of Directors for the American College of Epidemiology is made up of 5 officers and 14 additional board members. One of the distinguished board members is Dr. Steven J. Jacobsen, Senior Director of Research at Kaiser Permanente Southern California. Dr. Jacobsen has served for 3 years on the Board of Directors and mentioned that he decided to serve on the board because, “I’ve been a member for quite some time and have been aware of the organization since beginning my training in 1983. I was in the shop that graded the entrance exams in the early years of the College (Yes, there was an entrance exam!). I hoped that my perspective from doing research embedded in a health care organization could add to that from colleagues from the traditional academic, industry and government sectors. I also believe quite strongly, that as epidemiologists, we can play a pivotal role in translating research findings into practice and I hoped I could help get that message out.” Dr. Jacobsen was also elected as an ACE Fellow in 1997 and he is currently the Vice-Chair for the ACE Awards Committee. He said that he initially decided to join the awards committee because, “I wanted to know more about the decision-making process and I hoped that I could help encourage members to nominate individuals who deserved the awards. I also hoped that I could bring my peer-review experience (grants, manuscripts and editorial boards) to help with the decision making.” (full story)